Weekly Group Rides

We welcome riders of all abilities and experience. If your’re not sure where you might fit in, browse through our 3 levels of group rides. Find the one that you believe matches your skill and experience, then come on out and take us for a test ride.

Saturday Group Rides

SCOR A Group

The A group is geared toward the more advanced rider; with speeds ranging from 17 to 20+ mph average and a total distances of 40 to 70 miles. Additionally, you should be prepared to take on average to extensive hill climbs. If you’re looking for a good, challenging workout this is definitely the group for you. Be sure to bring water, energy bars or whatever fuels you as there is no guarantee of a meal break. Monthly ride schedule

SCOR B Group

This is our intermediate group, for those wanting a good workout, but may not be quite ready to do “A” rides just yet. With an average pace of 12 to 20 mph. The distance covered during a ride will are typically between 30 to 60 miles. You can also expect some moderate to average hill climbing, regular regroups and stops. We typically take a break mid-way to refuel. Monthly ride schedule

SCOR C Group

The occasional freeway overpass not withstanding, these are rides for “Flatlanders” and have a more liesurely pace, usually 10-15 mph. With distances of 20 to 35 miles and avoiding hill climbs, this is a good place for the novice rider to begin. This is a very social group and we always stop to eat halfway. Monthly ride schedule

Additionally we have a “no drop” policy with a sweep rider and we wait at turns to regroup. Depending on the group, we always stop to eat halfway. Please bring your own supplies (ie nutrition, flat repair kit, money, cell phone, etc.)

Group ride are Wednesdays and Saturday at various locations. Please check the calendar for time and location